Porta Nigra Trier © GDKE, T. Zühmer
Porta Nigra

Ancient city gate and the most famous landmark in Trier

Kaiserthermen Trier © GDKE, U. Pfeuffer
Imperial Baths

A present from the emperor to the people of Trier

Amphitheater © GDKE, T. Zühmer

The entertainment centre of ancient Trier

Thermen am Viehmarkt © GDKE, T. Zühmer
Forum Baths at the Viehmarkt

Archaeological evidence from Trier’s early days

Barbarathermen © GDKE, T. Zühmer
Barbara Baths

The second largest baths complex in the whole Roman Empire

Igeler Säule © GDKE, U. Pfeuffer
Igel Column

Monumental memorial

Villa Otrang © GDKE, U. Pfeuffer
Villa Otrang

Roman luxury living to the north of the Alps

Klause Kastel © GDKE, U. Pfeuffer
Other monuments

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